Release Date, Heatseeker Ricochet LTM Program, Bonuses & More

Rocket League is partnering with Grimes for the Neon Nights event, which features exclusive rewards, Heatseeker Ricochet LTM, Year of the Tiger Bundle, and more!

Rocket League is teaming up with Grammy Award-winning music artist Grimes for an in-game Neon Nights event, and it’s going to be a big hit. Among the many attractions to look forward to are Lunar New Year celebrations, the return of neon fields, Canadian songwriters’ chants and many other events.

Grimes-themed cosmetics will also decorate casual and ranked matches without cost in credits, so this is your chance to claim as many items as possible for the smallest investment. Here’s everything you need to know about the Rocket League Neon Nights event featuring Grimes, from release dates to item list.

Rocket League Neon Nights x Grimes: Ranking History

The Rocket League Neon Nights event runs from January 26 to February 8, 2022.

Uncanny Boost is part of the Rocket League Neon Nights event. (Photo: Psyonix)

Rocket League Neon Nights x Grimes: Récompenses

The Rocket League Neon Nights event will have many rewards that you can earn once you complete certain in-game challenges, including:

  • Gravity mattress
  • space queen topper
  • braided trail
  • Grimes poster
  • Grimes عجلات wheels
  • Grimes Player Banner
  • Grimes of gamers applaud
  • Anthem player eyes Shinigami
Space Queen Rocket League Topper Grimes Collaboration Release Date Rewards Limited Time Mode
Collaborate with Le Space Queen Topper de la Collaboration Rocket League x Grimes! (Photo: Psyonix)

Rocket League Neon Nights x Grimes: Limited Time Mode

Rocket League Neon Nights will get Heatseeker Ricochet as a limited time mode. This time-limited game will feature a goal-like ball with insane physics that plant similar blue and orange teams on their own half of the court, like a volleyball!

The Rocket Year of the Tiger Pack

Rocket League Neon Nights is also offering the Year of the Tiger Pack, including Tiny Tiger Topper and Tyger Car Decal, absolutely free.

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League Lunes d’or de la Rocket

Rocket League celebrates the Lunar New Year by dropping Golden Moons, chests that drop random items from the Impact, Nitro, and Overdrive series of items for free.

These Golden Moon chests can be exchanged between players for cosmetics or specific game credits.

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Photo courtesy of Psyonix.


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