Rourke Rally: Bonato leaves, Giordano uses to advantage

When he started the Rally to Rourke by winning the first two specials, including the requested 32km Campuris-le Nyarag, C3 driver Joan Bonato made a mistake in the third special from the start. Breaking first. Asked about several events recently, did Jon Bonato fall victim to this attempt?

Anyway, the driver of the C3, outside, opened the door to all of his rivals, some of whom thought they should only fight for respectable places.

A new competition

Thus began a new competition between Quentin Giordano (Polo GTI) and Eric Camille (C3). This match will last for the last four stages of the day. Giordano won three times, especially 8 seconds ahead in the second round of the Campuris-Le N நrak special.

In the end, Quentin Giordano went 17 seconds ahead of Eric Camille at the end of this first day. Is it enough to win the 47th Rourke? Of course not, because today there are six specials to go, including the tough Luke-Moires, 31 kilometers long, twice. Fatigue and stress must be calculated so that the two factors do not always go hand in hand. Other information, yesterday the public came in large numbers to encourage pilots under a beautiful sun. Rourke was able to cope with the strike that began last year with the control of the Govt. The event organizers should be delighted with the stage planned for tonight in Rhodes.


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