Yannick Jadot and Sandrine Rousseau both took first place with two points in the first round of the environmental activist primary.

“I promise you other surprises.” Confidence in Sandrin Rousseau’s camp was the order of the day. The economist qualified for the second round of the environmental activist primary on Sunday, where he will face MEP Yannick Jadot from September 25 to 28 to win the right to represent their political family in the 2022 presidential election.

The scores were relatively tight. Yannick Jodot, the favorite on the ballot, topped the five contests with 27.7% of the 106,000 voters. Sandrin Rousseau, first Foreigner It was then gradually considered a serious contender, ending within three points of the MEP, with 25.14% of the vote.

“Being in the second round is a win, being in a pocket square with Yannick Jadot is a win, and I promise you other surprises,” he said on PFMTV’s microphone on Sunday, “winning the second round.”

“No surprise” for activists

On Sunday, when the results were announced, he denied the merit list and said in his victory speech that “this decision is ultimately a surprise only to people who do not understand or do not want to see the evolution of the company.

“It’s a surprise to people who haven’t heard of the social changes that have taken place in recent years, the growing anger, the desire that this path should finally change, so Sandrin is on time, just in time.” PFMTV Raphael Remy-Lelu, L-D-France EELV Spokesperson.

“We are on the edge, the world is in the trash, we need her, she’s the only one talking about this extremism,” declares Adelaide, an activist and supporter of Sandrine Rousseau, to whom this success is natural.

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While the results did not surprise the candidate’s support, it was not one for the audience to prioritize a particular classic over the results primarily. On arrival, Yannick Jadot explains that “he’s in danger, it’s a little surprising.” 20 minutes Daniel Boy, political ecologist.

“With 122,000 people we said no consensus on ecology, etc. It’s not wrong: we have a very divided electoral system. It’s tilted to the left.

“Yannick’s strong point: talking to as many people as possible”

“It’s a very clear choice between the two options. He added, “Delphine Patho and Eric Piole did not give the instruction to vote. Suddenly the ballot is very open”.

However, at Yannick Jotot’s camp, we are optimistic about the future because if Sandrin Rousseau is presented as an avid environmental activist, MEP counts on his coordinating profile. “Yannick’s strong point is to talk to as many people as possible, to bring people together, and that’s what he’s going to present this week,” Mathieu Orfelin, an EELV deputy and supporter of Yannick Jotot, told BFMTV.

“It will be the status of a Presidential Man who is playing now because it is essential to come together in this eco-family as the primary winner of environmental activists,” MEP Damien Careme begins.

To Mathieu Crosande, “Basically the question ecologists have to answer by choosing their candidate is: do they want to be activists, purists, or in a federation at risk of dilution?”

Berrin Vasque, Camille Fornier, Valentine Deme, with Salomo Vincent


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