Sanna Marin resigns as head of the KDP after the Finnish elections: “My resistance is at stake”

Sana Marin He permanently exits the political scene, at least on the national level. After the crushing defeat in the parliamentary elections in Finland on Sunday, April 2, the outgoing Prime Minister announced this He will resign in September as leader of the Social Democratic PartyWhich emerged from the vote only a few days ago as the third force in the country after the centrists Petrie Orbo So is the populist right Rica Peora.

Marin, 37, also announced that tomorrow, April 5, he would resign from the government and also ruled out joining a new executive if future Prime Minister Petteri Urbu chose to ally with the left rather than the far right. “I don’t think I’m likely to be part of the ministerial teamsaid the outgoing prime minister.

Given that the new president of the party will be elected in September at the Jyväskylä Congress, she will be the one to lead the consultations with Orpo, who on the other hand said she is ready to work with everyone: Marin’s step back could be an aid to the hypothesis of a “grand alliance” between centrists and social democratsalso due to the lack of differences between Orpo and Riikka Purra’s populist right-wing Party of Finns.

As for his experience in ruling the country, he defined these three and a half years as “A great honorIn a period that made her an internationally recognized personality, with an entry Finland in NATO in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but also resulting in momentsExceptionally difficult”. “I must honestly admit that the My resistance has been tested over the yearsMarin admitted, with words that follow those of his recent New Zealand leader Jacinda Ardern and former Scottish Prime Minister Nicholas Sturgeon.

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The outgoing prime minister added that he did not offer her.International mission, I will continue to serve as a Member of ParliamentWords sound like a reaction to the possibility, raised by Finnish and other newspapers, that after the defeat Maren could become the “playing card” of the European Socialists and Democrats in light of the upcoming elections that will renew the European Parliament in 2024, such as Candidate for the role of President of the European Union Commissionor how Secretary General of NATO Instead of the Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg.


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