Sébastien Chabal assis au milieu des collégiens de Saint-Jeannet.

The person we called “the animal” or “the anesthesiologist” or even “the caveman” was in Nice on Tuesday. Sebastian Chapal, symbolic third row of the French rugby team, ambassador World Cup 2023 in France To promote this planetary sporting event. And if you doubt the enthusiasm about this World Cup, judge! “We opened the ticket office for a few hours and sold hundreds of thousands of seats, Sebastian Chapal explains. It’s crazy what is happening around this event. It will rise! It will be the World Cup for the Regions, the most beautiful ever organizedWe will not oppose it because the previous International imposes some. “It’s a little scaryExplained, this sixth grader student at Baous College in Saint-Jeannet. JYou don’t know him. I am not very rugby. “Me, I saw videos on YouTube, I added others. When it gets stuck, it’s a traffic jam! “ In any case, the man does not leave indifferent, which is why the World Cup organizers have taken him as an ambassador. Saeed Ambassador in the face of the growing enthusiasm. The applause of Saint-Jeannet students proved that once again.

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