Poland, half a million protests against “corrupt government’s lies”: the highest number since the end of communism

there Poland Take to the streets against High living expenses and “Power’s Lies.” corruption“. in 500 thousand Demonstrated on Sunday in Warsaw As the country approaches the date of the political elections next fall. And requests are moving towards a greater demand democracyAnd tolerance and recognition social rightsAs requestedEuropean Union which has repeatedly come into conflict with the far-right government in rules of law.

Said the historical leader of Solidarnosc Why Walesa, Poland’s first democratically elected president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate in the opening speech of the rally. Then the organizers and the city council in the capital did the math: half a million participants, perhaps the highest number since the end of communism. It was he who told the Poles to take to the streets Donald TuskPrime Minister of Poland between 2007 and 2014 and former Chairman of the Council of Ministers European Council Between 2014 and 2019, he is now the leader of the largest opposition party. These days, more than ever, Tusk seems to be in the crosshairs of the conservative Pis Jaroslav Kaczynskifor the government, which wanted a law, which had already been accepted by Parliament, something that was not accidentally claimed by the media “Lex Anti-Task”. It is a text that aims to exclude from public life the political propagandists responsible for “Russian influences” on Polish internal security between 2007 and 2022. Andrey Duda He signed it last week but then – after barbs, starting with the US president Joe Biden Born in European Parliament – Undo schedule a series of edits.

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This is my oath before you: I will lead you to victoryIn the upcoming elections, Tusk told the crowd at the end of the demonstration, which finally gathered on Royal Castle Square, with hundreds of Polish and European flags. The former prime minister is also committed “account” Arguing that today’s demonstration has given new hope to Polish society “despite the divisions sowed by power in recent years”.

The date of June 4 was not chosen by chance, given that it is celebrated in Poland Freedom and Civil Rights Daycoinciding with the anniversary of the first partially free election she won symbiosis. But beyond any symbolism, PM Matthews Moravicki He criticized the protests, likening them to a “circus”, noting that it makes him “a bit funny when the old foxes who have been working in politics for years organize an anti-government rally and present it as a spontaneous civil protest.”


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