Charly Rodríguez escribe su historia al estilo del Chelito Delgado en Cruz Azul y Rayados

Chelito Delgado starred with Cruz Azul, arrived in Monterrey and fell in love with his fans; Charly Rodríguez starred in Monterrey, he played only two games with La Maquina and has already charmed his fans

In 2003, Cruz Azul signed a young midfielder named Cesar Delgado. Argentine who He wore the number 19 Liga MX stunned and quickly earned the admiration of La Maquina. A few years later, with the nickname “Chelito”, The player signed with Rayados de Monterrey It also managed to win the admiration of the masses. Today we see a similar tale, with Charlie Rodriguez who writes his story in Chelito Delgado style in Cruz Azul and Rayados.

In case Carlos Rodriguez It was the other way around. he It was initially with Monterrey. He was a character and a champion with the northern team. His status as a midfielder did not allow him to score the most goals, but his presence on the field was evident in every match. When he thought Charlie would only leave the team if he went to Europe, Transferred to Cruz Azul fans surprised.

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Came to Team Sky Blue in exchange for Luis Romo. Much was expected of him with the capital team, and in his first matches, he exceeded expectations. Two matches and two goals. In less than 180 minutes, Rodriguez had already crossed the scoring mark every season with Rayados.

When I learned that Charlie decided to wear the number 19 In his first season with Cruz Azul, La Maquina fans are starting to remember it Almost two decades ago there was another player with the same number Who fell in love with fans.

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Cesar Delgado spent five seasons with the cement workers, playing 151 matches and scoring 62 goals. He knew how to leave an imprint on the team, and his jersey with the number 19 was framed by the fans. Now, a new player wearing the number 19 shirt appears and begins to write his history with the Foundation.

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Briefly, They both wore the same number, they were personalities in one team and then came to the other, they fell in love with the fans in a short time and also managed to make it into their national team.


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