Critérium des Cévennes: Plan for this Friday, October 29th

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After the final tests at the Pierre-Mendès-France Vocational School in Odyssey on Thursday afternoon, the race cars for the 62nd edition of the Critérium des Cévennes were assembled together at the departure park on Raymond-Dugrand Avenue in the evening.

This Friday from 8am to 12pm, it’s time for the match to stumble from the front of the town hall. Run a cycle of three time events. For enthusiasts, vehicles will be visible again in Montpellier from 6pm next Saturday.

Show for Friday, October 29th

  • 8 a.m .: Departure from Montpellier (Town Hall).
  • 10:20 am: Help at Le Vigan.
  • 11 a.m. 13: ES1 (Alzon-Vissec-Blandas).
  • 11:46 a.m .: SS2 (Montardier-Le Wigan).
  • 12:44 pm: SS3 (La Cadière-Sumène).
  • 1:19 pm .: Reunion at Saint-Hippolyte-to-Castle.
  • 3:49 pm: Help on Wigan.
  • 17 hours 17: ES4 (Alzon – Vissec-Blandas).
  • 5:50 pm: ES5 (Montardier – Le Wigan).
  • 6.30 pm: Arrival 1st Rally VHC Ganga Rally.
  • 8:23 pm: Arrival at the 1st Modern Rally Hall in Saint-Hippolyte.

Attention: These times coincide with the first time of the VHC rally, allow one more hour for the first meeting of the modern rally.

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