Several days in the scene, going from the Normandy Bridge to the Orca Rouen?

How far will she go? For more than a week, an orca wandered through the scene, from its mouth, filmed by Le Havre drags, to the bends of the river near Yinville (Sean-Maritime) and the animal sanctuary near Barneville. sur-Seine (Eure), more than 60 km inland. And it does not say that it will not go further in the direction of Rouen in the coming days.

There is no doubt that a hell of a walk started in Sean Bay a few weeks ago, where the Cetacean had already crossed the trails with fishermen on a Cokevillard ship in early April. Since then, the Cotentin Cetacean Study Group (GECC) has closely followed his wanderings. This is because the male, about 4 m long, is far from his usual favorite ground in the north of Ireland beyond Norway or Iceland.

A very rare occurrence, according to experts, who wonder about the reasons for its presence in the scene. Orca, accustomed to living with packs, may have been expelled from her original group unless a surge of curiosity took her here. But today questions have been raised about his health. “I’m worried about his deteriorating health,” Gérard Mauger, co-founder and founder of GECC, explains to our colleagues. 76 Act, Was able to notice Orca earlier this week. “She is very underwater. She is thin and has a fungal infection.”

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For now, no recovery intervention is planned, but the expert advises everyone to leave Cetacean as quiet as possible, as stress can be a detriment to its survival. I hope she finds a way to the open sea soon.


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