Así puedes conseguir Far Cry 3 gratis para PC (Ubisoft).

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Do you like free games? This is your chance, and it is You can get the famous “Far Cry 3” title absolutely free for PC platformAnd, best of all, it will be a completely legal way thanks to Ubisoft.

The issue here is that Ubisoft is already planning to release the much-awaited Far Cry 6, Which is why they definitely want everyone to be in tune with the franchise, or for a few others to start getting close to the title.

Fp cry 3 that it archer In first person and open game world, set on an island like no other. A place where heavily armed warlords trade in slaves. Where aliens are being hunted for ransom. When you embark on a desperate mission to save your friends, you will find that the only way to escape this darkness… is to let yourself be surrounded by it. , reveals the description of the game.

How to download Far Cry 3 absolutely for free on PC?

If you are interested in getting the free license for this title, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on this link, where Ubisoft The game is offered completely free of charge
  2. Log in, or create an account if possible; You will have to verify via email, so your address must be valid
  3. Select the only get option: UBISOFT CONNECT PC
  4. If you already have the app, select RUN UBISOFT CONNECT PC; If not, click DOWNLOAD UBISOFT CONNECT PC

  5. if you don’t have it, A file called . will be downloaded UbisoftConnectInstaller: Run it and follow the installation steps starting with the language, accepting the license and choosing where to host the game; Run the program

  6. Once in the program, look for the button far cry 3, which will open a summary of the game; If you already have the license, click Download
  7. You will get a small installation package, Where you have to choose the language, where it will be hosted (need about 11GB) and other settings
  8. Enjoy your new game completely for free!
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Keep in mind that this will only be available from Tuesday 7 September until next September 11 (local time), so you should be quick if you want to get it as soon as possible.



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