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American Billionaire Corporation Elon MuskAnd SpaceXHe got an important new contract. This is really about building a factory in space. This is an American startup project Farda Aerospace Industries. According to the site information Nomirama, this Tuesday, October 12, 2021, intends to deploy and use around Earth a plant that will be in orbit around it.

The object will be transported by a re-entry capsule into the atmosphere

this then SpaceX Which was chosen to transport the first element of the plant into space at the beginning of 2023. The goal of Farda Aerospace Industries It is the advantage of weightless manufacturing conditions. Regarding the project, after takeoff and placing the plant in orbit, it will remain as long as it takes microgravity to develop. Three months later, according to the site space news, designers will be able to get the material that leaves the factory. In fact, the body will be transported by a capsule to re-enter the atmosphere. In addition, many questions are already being asked about what materials will be made in space.

According to the media tkbranch, it would be new materials, such as specialized semiconductors or bioprinted organs. In addition, after the factory launch he has done SpaceX, the following two launches will be carried out by a competitor, rocket lab. This will give the final touch to the factory assembly.

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