Stade de Montois defeats Nevers and takes the final victory

Patrick Millhit’s players, who were moving with the wind during the first season, quickly dominated the match. Two penalties from Pro D2’s best director, Léo Coly, put Montois first on the track (6-3, 13). Yellow and Black’s defensive pressure put the visitors at fault, and like a little crook, Cooley intercepted a floating pass from Minorette at Osun’s line to slip far, 60 metres, between the poles (13-3, 22). His eleventh attempt of the season, he is the one who has not crossed the streak for two and a half months.

History of objections

Caught when they didn’t give up trying three matches, Neversoa tried to respond to their point of strength, bouncing balls, but the yellow and black’s many good defenses five meters away dashed their hopes. And Cooley again rewarded the hard work of his attackers, with a new penalty, over 30 meters (16-3, 33).

Xavier Péméja decided to change the hinge at the break and Nevers was immediately damaged. Opener Sean Reynolds also intercepted a long and dangerous pass from Laos Azpiazzo to flatten his seventh attempt of the season for 60 meters and restart the game (16-10, 50). Another entrant, Yoan Cottin, was very close to adapting Boniface Stadium. He intercepted a dangerous pass from Cedaru in the middle to slip under the poles…but Leo Cole (55) fell far in front of the line.

Mensa launches Boniface

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