Fortnite Crew Pack pour aout maintenant disponible

Epic Games recently revealed that the August Fortnite Crew Bundle is now live, which is great news for thousands of players in Epic’s Battle Royale, which is still going strong and performing.

Come and discover the August Fortnite Crew Pack.

“Since 2017, always pumping! May the logo of Fortnite, which since its launch has been healthy and leading kids and adults alike into its frantic and comedic battles.

The winning formula doesn’t move much, it just gets better, right? Yes indeed! It seems that this is the mantra of Epic who gave Battle Royale so many regular versions in order to keep the fighting flame burning.

The August Fortnite Crew Pack was recently revealed.


In August, users will be able to enjoy, among other benefits, the Summer Skye collection, which is inspired by the artist’s idea from the nollobandz community and which includes: the Summer Skye outfit, the Cursed Eagleshield Back Bling accessory, and the Epic Sword of Might the Axe, decorated Pspspsps with Meowscles! Wrap and load screen Afternoon Quest.

In addition, Fortnite team members who log in anytime between 3pm on August 5 and 3pm will get paid. August 9 on the Rainbow Cloudcruiser canopy, Skye Up High Loading screen, and Rift Tour-inspired banner. , an event in which players can travel with music. For the new magical reality, as Fortnite joins Ariana Grande.

Fortnite Crew subscribers in August will be able to access the Battle Pass for the current season (if a Battle Pass was purchased prior to signing up for the Fortnite Crew, users will receive a one-time refund of 950 V-Bucks to their account) and benefit from an additional 1,000 V-dollars each month, where they can Buying items from the Fortnite Store. Players can subscribe to the in-game Fortnite Crew Pack in the Item Shop or Battle Pass tab.

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