The chain of stores files a complaint

The racist insult that filmed that anger on social networks is back. After an argument between a customer and a black cashier at a Carrefour store From Annemas (Hot-Savoy) On Thursday, June 3, the supermarket chain announced to file a complaint against the occupier. The Tonon-Les-Bains attorney’s office quoted Daily Le Picaro as saying that an investigation had been opened.

“Solidarity with our colleagues was insulted. These racist comments are unacceptable. We strongly condemn them. We will file a complaint“, Carrefour tweeted.” I called our aunt and uncle to show my support and the support of the Carrefour Group. I would never tolerate ideas like this in our stores. “, Said the store owner.

The debate took place on Thursday, June 3, and although the video posted on social media only showed the end of the controversy, it would have lasted about thirty minutes. A Carrefour employee allegedly asked a customer to pay for his groceries after noticing a shoplifting. The client would have behaved badly, and it was during this argument that the racist insult was said: “Go dirty necklace, dirty black girl! Only black people can do that. You see Africans like you, it wants to kill them “, we hear in a video posted on Twitter.

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