Final Fantasy VII Remake was released 5 years after it was announced of the same caliber, and it logically lends itself to its sequel, whose name is obviously still very ambiguous. Now it’s up to the developers to prepare for the arrival of this sequel, without revealing much. A difficult balancing act is trying this part of the team today before our very eyes.

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It is in columns Washington Post Which debuggers Naoki Hamaguchi and Motomu Toriyama have talked about thus “yet”, taking care to count on the Intergrade version that just landed on PS5. The interview makes it clear that the new combo system developed around Yuffie and his partner Sonon should make a comeback in Final Fantasy VII Remake Part. 2:

We are very pleased with the final look we have given to the combat system that blends original game strategy with real-time action. With the arrival of the break, we’ve also added the ability to perform combos, which changes the strategic aspect. We’d love to rely on these new mechanics for the rest of the adventure.

I can’t, Ji Baek

And because the information on this ambitious (and decoupling) reform was abundant and sometimes bloated with mass, The duo reiterate the intentions already articulated by director Yoshinori Kitas: to capitalize on the many spin-offs released since before the crisis.The Chain will dig into its tense world. From this point of view, Intergrade has the way:

The world of Final Fantasy VII Remake has grown exponentially after the release of the original. We would like to compile all the works released to date. Some opponents like Weiss or Nero are able to instill a form of depth and darkness.

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And because the end of the first episode allows prediction that many other surprises and transformations will occur in the rest of the adventure, A meeting-shaped scene that remains in the throats of many members of the period must also be redesigned, and that’s fine:

Yuffie is a lively and full of life young woman who will return after the events of the Intermission episode. So we think his meeting with Cloud and his team will be more attractive. The location of the Wutai clan is now more prominent, they are a real opposition to Shinra, and we can take advantage of this to make the story more interesting.

fell from the sky?

So your curiosity pisses you off, but the duo of directors have no intention of escaping without a last-ditch harassment which will obviously make many doctors react. s Final Fantasy VII, who are clearly wondering what turn events will take soon (hopefully):

Needless to say we’ve already done it with Intergrade, but it’s very important to us that the next episode doesn’t damage the memories of the original material, but still manages to exceed audience expectations.

Do you see it coming all of a sudden, sword strike? we too. Feel free to share your craziest theories with us in the comments below.


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