football.  National: For Stade Briochin, final anything but zero against Le Mans

National. Priuschen – Le Mans: 2-2

If the meeting was devoid of challenge, he staged a show, about two formations designed to attack. A statement particularly suited to the Briochen formation, in a 4-3-3 format with Nasi, Ali and Reimers midfielders.

These light knights, full of fervor, launched an attack on Le Mans Cage. Facing the building’s triple enemy, Chris’ defense very quickly showed signs of fragility. Like Fardeen, he was forced to use illegal means to stop the penetration of an angry Jean-Pierre. Mr Leleu, the National’s best elected referee, had no choice but to point out the penalty spot. Unfortunately, Allée did not adequately support his shot. And on a nice horizontal account, Haftoot maintained parity (14 minutes).

Failure did not slow down the Gryphon family. After the first failure, Sagna, upon receiving a cross from Lavigne, opened the scoring with a masterful style (1-0, 30 minutes). The player loaned from Club Brugge took care of his deposit. The audience under the influence of his flirtatious team was already heading to a comfortable rest when Rossignol whistled a bad tune by sending the skin to Battier’s cage, who was caught with the wrong foot (1-1, 43).

Lavigne snatches a deserved equalizer

For Saint-Brieuc, the second act resumed as unpleasantly as the end of the first. An unusual approximation put Kerbrat Gnanduillet into orbit. Patty’s modified skinny striker (1-2, 52′). A shift in fate could have undermined the good intentions of the Briochen, but it was without relying on the striking power of this formation.

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In a chalkboard replica, she transformed Jean-Pierre’s sage. Then Lavigne cut the center track by side (2-2, 63′). Carried by supporters, the band pushed in Bowden to deliver a victorious exit. The last cannon shot went to my nasi. His shot ended just over Hatfout’s goal (69). The match ended without a winner, but Fred Aubert 3,000 spectators left happy with the show. Looking forward to next season.

Certificate of Authenticity

arbitrator. M. Leleu.

luxury : 3126 spectators.

Warningsand Le Mans: Fardeen (14 minutes).

BUTS. Saint-Brieuc: Sagna (30′), Lavigne (63′); Le Mans: Rossignol (43 minutes), Gnandoele (52 minutes).

Briuchen Stadium. Battier-Bauden (hat), Kerberatt, Anjoa, Jean-Pierre (Simon, 83′) – Nassi (Boydic, 72′), Alli, Remars-Lavigne (Rommel, 72′), Gomis (Rivolier, 83′), Sagna. Subscriber: Dr. Santini. Not involved: N’Diaye (g).

Le Man. Hatfout – Fardeen, Ebene Tala (Ferno, 74′), Derin, Vargas Rios (hat) – Rossignol, Laurie, Tommy (Keita, 62′) – Big (Argoud, 82′), Gnandoier, Amir (Makalo, 82′) ). Entry. shouts. Not in play: Boss (g).

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