The star of the new Marvel superhero slammed Disney as an “experiment” — and now his anger has turned to comparisons between “Black Panther”… and a larger conversation about race.

Representative Simo Liu He released a scathing tweet on Saturday morning that seemed to be a direct response to what the CEO had said, Pop Network A few days ago, he spoke about the release of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” during a conference call with investors.

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Chapek was commenting on the fact that “Shang-Chi” – unlike other Disney theatrical releases this year – will get an exclusive 45-day window in theaters, rather than airing on Disney+ along with other 2021 shows. Which he said would also be an interesting “experiment” to see how things are going at the box office in the midst of the pandemic.

Nothing seems offensive at first glance, but Leo didn’t really appreciate the word choice… – not part of any Chapek and co-workers’ test. want to run.

We’re the underdogs. The underdogs. We’re ceiling breakers. We’re the celebration of culture and joy that will hold up after a tough year. He adds, “I’m fired for making history on September 3. Join us.”

It looks like Leo may have misinterpreted what Chapek was going for…but his interpretation of the remark could also speak to what fans perceive about the marketing efforts and enthusiasm for the film…or their absence, as some claimed in the days leading up to this explosion.

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Some fans who are thrilled to have the first Asian-led Marvel superhero movie unhappy with the lack of interest as its release approaches, and/or the potential box office numbers this movie may or may not produce…with ‘Black’ as a result, Tiger Juxtaposition has emerged. This in turn has led to discussions about what this thought actually means.

Others suggest that BP’s posing to complain about the lack of hype around Shang Chi is actually counterintuitive to totalitarianism as a whole… Some have even gone so far as to call it an antidote. -black. Kind of like dropping something else just to set the mood.

There are a lot of layers in this layer, but the point many make is… why not eat it all without eating from someone else’s mouth? Plus, the movie releases of 2021 can’t be compared to the big-ticket movies of years past. It’s a strange year with its own dashboard.

Anyway, “Shang-Chi” was released on the 3rd of September… Check it out if you like it, it looks good.


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