Washington | Republican officials in Ohio on Thursday filed a complaint against Joe Biden’s government’s largest provocation package, accusing it of violating the state’s financial sovereignty.

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Their request is not related to the full extent of this massive project estimated at $ 1.9 billion, but on a component to release $ 195.3 million to help states deal with the effects of the epidemic.

The law states that these sums cannot be used to reduce local taxes “directly or indirectly.”

“As a result, it will prohibit any tax cuts,” Ohio Justice Minister Dave Yost said in his complaint.

However, according to him, “Congress has no power to choose the tax system of the states.” He therefore asks the courts to invalidate this provision.

The lawsuit alleges that Republicans filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama’s health insurance identification law, threatening to overthrow the entire House in several cases.

Despite the amendments, it is still in force eleven years after it was adopted, but some legal action is pending.

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