The former head of the Swiss Guard has disappeared in the Vatican

Daniel Rudolf Anrig, former commander of the Swiss Guard in the Vatican, and current municipal secretary in Zermatt, disappeared into thin air. The mystery of his disappearance is overgrown with detail, even if the Swiss police confirm that at the moment no missing person is being sought. Who is Daniel Rudolf Enrig and what happened to him?

Daniel Rudolf Enrig, 48, worked in the Vatican for 5 years, as captain of the Swiss Guard. In 2014, he could have been impeached for some of his authoritarian behavior towards his subordinates. On that occasion, however, Pope Francis declared that it was merely “a renewal because his mandate has ended. The decision was taken by mutual agreement.”

Enrig later became a town clerk in Zermatt. In October, his work at the town hall ended (for reasons not yet known). The man, who had to continue working in the municipality until the end of December, one day without warning did not show up at the workplace. There has been no news of him since then. Anrig has been untraceable for days, he doesn’t answer phones and emails, and his house is unoccupied.

According to Zermatt’s mayor, Romy Benner-Hauser, the man left voluntarily in search of a “professional reorientation” while the Swiss press talks about a “mystery”. According to the website, Enrij was going to disappear into thin air to avoid facing “criminal proceedings against him outside the Valais canton”.

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