Thomas Pesquet prend le commandement de l

Since October 4, 2021, Thomas Pesquet has been the commander of the International Space Station (ISS), or, more precisely, the commander of its crew.

Traditional Leadership Change Ceremony

Today, European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet has assumed the position of Commander of the International Space Station, succeeding Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut and second crew member Akihiko Hoshied, ESA explains in statment Released on October 4th. Thomas will retain that role until shortly before Crew-2 returns to Earth in November.In a traditional ceremony, the French received a symbolic key from the hands of the Japanese to certify the handover of power. The latter was made captain on April 27, succeeding US astronaut Shannon Walker. Thomas Pesquet became responsible for the well – from the crew. He must therefore ensure thatCrew members can perform tasks assigned to them while in space”, asserts the European Space Agency. It is a critical responsibility when you are 400 km from the mainland.

first for french

This is the fourth time that a European has commanded the International Space Station, but it is the first for a Frenchman. “I am proud to represent my country thereAlive, said Thomas Bisquet, in English.The active role played by France in space exploration and aviation “. “Thank you to all the decision makers, all the engineers, and all those working in the space sector. If you become the first captain of a spacecraft today, I owe it to you very muchThis ex-Air France pilot continued this time.”You’ve been a great teammate and you’d be a great leader!“, lui a dit Akihiko Hoshide.”Now it’s my turn to try to do a good job keeping the mission safe, complete our operational missions and get back to those we love healthy and happy.The French astronaut responded, thanking his Japanese colleague for what he said:great job“.

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