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The French rapper will have to pay a fine of 6000 euros and will not be able to keep pets for the next 5 years

French rapper Temal has been arrested and taken into custody after posting a video clip in which he abused one of his dogs on a well-known social network. Ore will have to pay a fine of 6000 euros for cruelty to a pet, in addition to having to comply with the ban on keeping the animals for the next 5 years. A few days before his arrest, he posted a video of him kicking one of his three dogs. After the episode, the three rapper mastiffs were kidnapped and entrusted to an association that deals with animal protection and protection, La Stampa explained.

Lawyer’s words

Temal’s lawyer explained that the video was not at all representative of the way he had always treated his animals. Instead, the rapper appears to act violently with his dogs. From the video, it became clear not only that he offended them, but also that the 25-year-old was trying to attract the attention of the Web in the simplest way, that is, by beating his pets. Other singers from the French rap scene commented on what happened. Singer Booba, with whom Timal recently collaborated to produce the song Chameleon, commented on the episode, calling it unacceptable but not unforgivable.

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