Some patients still suffer from the effects of Guedj’s mistreatment by doctors. “In different teeth, sometimes more than twenty teeth are devolved: multiple infections, ulcers, gingivitis, chewing pain, occlusal disorders …”, the Marseille attorney’s office dismissed. . “Under the pretext that all of their teeth were in bad condition and in danger of falling out, the trainer persuaded them to treat all of their teeth,” the lawsuit said. Dentists promised their patients a “star smile”.

“I’m not laughing like before”

Mark-Andre Seckaldi, attorney for several plaintiffs, testifies that many former patients still suffer from the disorder, despite the alleged facts: pus, pain, recurrent infections, black mouth, bad breath, and stinky prostheses. “Eighty-five percent of the victims are ordinary people, mostly beneficiaries of Comprehensive Global Health Insurance (CMUC),” he promises.

“I am in despair because I can not have my teeth replaced again. I’m not laughing like before, not like before. I find myself very nervous and I even see my mouth twisted. I have holes everywhere, not to mention the hooks that bother me! “, Testifies France3 Aklim was one of the patients who paid more than 20,000 euros to have his teeth restored.

Boat and luxury cars

Lionel Guedj has billed 28 times more crowns than the average of his colleagues, calculated a dentist from Health Insurance. In 2010, he was the leading dentist in France with a turnover of 2.6 million euros, up from the sectoral average of 180,000 euros. The man built a property portfolio of 9.5 million euros in a few years, building luxury cars and a 15-meter boat.



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