FRiture on the line. According to a US executive, every time the White House tries to reach Kim Jong-un, the phone rings in the vacuum, according to the news agency. Reuters, March 14, 2021. However, Joe Biden and his team have implemented “several communication mechanisms, including New York since mid-February,” and the officer wanted to remain anonymous. But how to resolve tensions between the two countries without dialogue? In this regard, the news agency reminds that relations between Washington and Pyongyang are very low. In question, the nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs developed by Kim Jong-un.

The revelation comes as US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin are due to visit Japan and South Korea next week. If the visit is aimed at strengthening the alliance with China, US strategy against North Korea will also be at the center of the debate. The Biden administration has so far been cautious in publicly describing its stance on North Korea, saying it was conducting a full-fledged political review following former President Donald Trump’s unprecedented involvement with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.


The Biden administration alone was not robbed by North Korea. At a time when the end of Donald Trump’s mandate has been covered, it seems again, according to Reuters, that there has been no real dialogue between the two countries for more than a year. However, a dissolution is not possible: during his election campaign, Joe Biden called Kim Jong-un a “thug” and said he would only meet him “on the condition that he agreed, to reduce its nuclear capability”. Its US Secretary of State recently raised the possibility of additional sanctions against Pyongyang.

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