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The American response to the attack on Kabul airport was not long in coming. With a targeted drone strike in Nangarhar province, the United States struck and killed one of the brains of ISIS, and the organization was held responsible for the bloody attack that killed 13 Americans and more than 100 Afghans. “The US military conducted a counter-terrorism operation against one of the ISIS organizers in Khorasan. The raid took place in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. Initial indications indicate that the target was killed. We are not aware of any civilian casualties,” the statement said. Note from Central Command spokesman Bill Urban. The identity of the person in the crosshairs has not been revealed and it is not yet known whether the raid will be an isolated case or one in a chain. Joe Biden authorized the raid, while Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin physically issued the order.

The Pentagon’s announcement follows a new alert issued by the US embassy in Kabul, which urged Americans not to go to the airport: Those at the airport at this time are being asked to leave immediately following “security threats”. In fact, the US believes that a new attack is likely in the coming days, before the end of the evacuations on August 31. In the past 12 hours, there were 4,200 people from Kabul, according to White House reports, confirming that 109,200 people have been evacuated since August 14, while 114,800 people have been evacuated since the end of July. After the Kabul airport attack, Joe Biden confirmed that the United States would prosecute those responsible: “We will pick you up and make you pay,” he said after the Kabul attack with tears in his eyes, recalling the words of the former president. George W. Bush after the September 11 attacks. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki was more explicit than the president: Biden “doesn’t want ‘officials’ to live on the ground anymore.”

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