Vaccine exemption for Covid infection in December

Document by which lawyers are trying to obtain reversal of visa cancellation to Australia filed in court in Melbourne

World No. 1 in Novak Tennis Djokovic asked to be moved out of a Melbourne hotel and turned into an irregular traveler facility so he could train for the Australian Open.: His lawyers said so. In today’s visa revocation application to the Australian Federal Court, his lawyers said Djokovic has been at the Park Hotel since arriving in the country “despite requests for his transfer”.

Tennis Australia: ‘He did a great job’ – shepherdAustralian Edition Tennis, Craig TillyHe praised the “fantastic job” of his team after Novak Djokovic’s visa problems, in an exclusive video published by the Sydney newspaper. Daily Telegraph. “There is a lot of finger pointing and a lot of blame, but I can assure you that our team has done a fantastic job,” says Tilley, addressing the camera in a video dedicated to intercom but posted on the Australian newspaper’s website.

“Unfortunately, in the past two days there has been an issue involving two players, Novak in particular,” said Tilley in the video. “We understand the current situation and are working closely with Novak and his team as well as with other people and their team in this situation,” he adds. Tennis Australia chief clarifies that the federation has chosen not to address the issue publicly due to appeal Presented by Djokovic. But Tilly stresses that her team “did everything they could according to all the instructions given to them”.

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The host tennis association of the Australian Open has been accused of misleading players about Covid-19 vaccination requirements to enter the country. In a note sent to the players and published by several Australian media, theThe organization has confirmed that a person who has recently contracted Covid can benefit from the exemption from the obligation to complete vaccination. The Australian government, however, has made it clear that this ruling is Valid for Australian residents onlyNot for foreign nationals wishing to enter the country.


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