We already understand, Assange: NATO is more important than anything else

We will remember this day for a long time because it was the dawn of illiberal Europe. The most ardent pro-Europeans who see the Union as a horizon of progress, an enlightened bearer of good values ​​and good things, will have to think again, pull the string back and admit that we are better off. New Middle Ages.

The English court chose not to disclose the ruling against Julian Assange It is a brutality thrown in the face of the Australian journalist, guilty of exposing the horrors of the “democratic wars in the West”, but also in the face of millions of people who thought they were protected by a system of liberal safeguards. Old Europe had nothing to say or do, so it left the matter to the traitorous Albion, watching from afar the maneuvers Washington And London To deal with this issue. We already understood that these rules did not work, and now they told us clearly: above all, they exist NATO freedoms,Fest the Empire.

The cruelty of suspension of judgment is a manifestation superpower Which we hope will also come to the understanding of those who looked at the Assange case with suspicion and coldness: yes, because many “liberal” souls considered him a traitor to the regime, while publishing those documents on the Internet to tell the background of power, endangering sources and collaborators: this is one of the points of the American prosecution. Who asked for (and probably got) Assange extradition But they cannot prove their claims, simply because they are false.

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Assange is seriously ill, after years of harsh imprisonment, we don't know What will happen to him? But we know that the political motives behind his actions remain very open because they relate to the tired and corrupt nature of old European democracy.


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