In his next movie alineValérie Lemercier plays the famous Quebec singer, Celine Dion. On this occasion, she faces Michelle Drucker on the show Sunday roll On November 7, 2021, the actress revealed the opinion of the relatives of the late Rene Angelil on this feature film.

From November 10, the French will be able to find the film aline In all theaters. This film pays tribute to the famous Quebec singer Celine Dion. And it is Valerie Lemercier who will give her features to embody the artist throughout this feature-length film, inspired by the latter’s life. To promote this outing at the event, the director scours the television sets and continues to be interviewed by the media to speak at best about the apparatus in which she represents aline.

And one thing is for sure… Despite her pride in playing Celine Dion on the big screen, Valerie Lemercier is concerned about the health of Rene Angelil’s widow. On Tuesday, November 3, the actress spoke about it in columns TV entertainment. “Today I know she canceled her shows in Las Vegas, so I’m worried about her. I hope you are doing well, and regaining strength… I want to tell her that she doesn’t always have to be supportive and I think she’s more than that now. I don’t know what you got, I don’t think anyone knows But it’s always sad for her to cancel something she promised“, I have announced.

What are the influential reactions?

And on this Sunday, November 7, 2021, the 53-year-old singer once again captivated Valerie Lemercier. guest on a group of Sunday roll, the last one “I hope this movie will be respectful of her” but also “for her family”. Anyway, Michelle Drucker “You think Celine Dion will be upset when she sees the movie [Aline]” and lo “Maybe not the moment you see it.”. And this is not the only one…

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In fact, Valerie Lemercier explained: “There are relatives of Renee [Angélil] Which he saw about three weeks ago. And they said […] which Rene would have loved.. All you have to do is wait for audience reactions to the release of this beautiful cinematic tribute…


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