Without Lautaro, who should be 9 for the national team?

Lautaro Martinez’s loss due to Covid opens another question in Lionel Scaloni’s squad, who in himself will already have several important absences. Although the idea is that the Inter striker continues to play in Italy until the result is negative and he can travel, it is no longer easy for him to get to the face of Venezuela. That is why, for the Friday match, the DT of the national team should, in principle, look for a replacement for it.

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At first glance, the options that the coach has are three: Joaquin Correa, Lautaro’s teammate at Inter; Julian Alvarez, the best striker in the domestic league; Lucas Pouille, one of the newbies on the last listWhich Scaloni wants to start watching because of his large presence in the Spanish League, and he plays for Elche. For this reason, the proposal first It is to join the discussion and choose who should replace the bull…

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Under normal conditions, Joaquín Correa is the one to itch at the top, because he was the one who replaced Martínez in times when the previous race couldn’t have been a start: For example, in 0 to 0 with Paraguay. But Julian, no doubt, also demands evidence of his great present in River. It wouldn’t be inconceivable, in this sense, that he would also have a chance to show himself once as a novice, but…

And the third in disagreement that emerges, although DT could use other variants that aren’t normal for this position, is Boyé. The ex-River won an arm wrestling match against another ex-Mello, such as Gio Simeone. The reason is that Scaloni wants to try another alternative at the center, to see how the top player in one of the world’s top leagues trains and moves.

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The question is open. And scanning too. If Lautaro wasn’t around, who should be the number nine against José’s Vinoento player?


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