A match against / Caracas, the strongest and behind in the group led by Libertad
2022 Libertadores Cup

August 28 09:03

At 3,600 meters from La Paz, in Bolivia, Caracas team from Venezuela tied 1-1 in their visit to Stronger in the third date of Group B in the Copa Libertadores 2022, led alone by Libertad, who on Tuesday defeated Atletico Paranains 1-0.

Martin Prost opened the account for the locals in the 34th minute, culminating in a header from Enrique Triverio, and Samson Aquinola equalized in the 83rd minute with a shot from outside the area.

It was a two-way match where the visit showed speed, generating more dangerous chances than The Strongest, although it didn’t pay off.

Group B is led by Libertad of Paraguay with 7 points, followed by the Brazilian Atletico Paranains with 4, while Caracas FC and The Strongest remain at the bottom with only two points.

The result puts The Strongest in an uncomfortable position, which has yet to win at home.

– hungry tiger –
The start of the match was chaotic, although the initial lack of football in both opponents tried to make up for it with a good dose of effort. Yaniro’s team seemed ready to play one-on-one at the height of La Paz, so I started out explosively.

The ten minutes were not completed when the visit launched a sharp counter-attack on the Orinnegro goal by Samson Aquinola, who hit the ball wide of the goal and revealed an unbalanced defense.

Minutes later, Kwaku Ponso Osei got another chance to score with a long-range shot conjured up by Bolivian goalkeeper Guillermo Vizcarra.

The llanero team showed a very good transformation that allowed them to launch quick counterattacks as a result of a great physical display. For their part, the locals left many spaces in the middle.

Stronger immediately responded and launched two offensive attacks on Alaín Baroja’s fence. In one of them, the Uruguayan Rodrigo Amaral once again tried his luck, this time with a shot from outside the area that was cleared by Janiro goalkeeper next to Al-Amoudi. Immediately, the visit responded and emptied the home defense again with a few touches of the ball.

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The match went back and forth with clear chances for both teams.

Janeiro’s side reached the opponent’s goal very easily, taking advantage of bypassing the Golnegros defenders and on at least three occasions the Venezuelan forwards were alongside goalkeeper Vizcara, despite not being precise enough to score.

In the 34th minute, when Tigre took a break, Martín Prost opened the scoring with the crowning of a play in which three players took part, demonstrating the football clubs. Fernando Socedo hit a cross to the far post, headed by Enrique Triverio, and the Argentine striker hit it accurately.

– Hit the plains –
The second half of the match began with the strongest being more accurate in his passes, which allowed him to increase the frequency of his attacks on the opposing fence, where goalkeeper Baruga excelled. Caracas FC reduced the pressure despite not completely giving up their attacking lead.

In the absence of greater depth, locals chose shots from long distances, as well as more dynamic and decisive plays.

When The Strongest took his foot off the accelerator, Caracas FC increased the pressure and in the midst of the match, 83 minutes, the equalizer came with a corner kick from Samson Akinyoola.

The next day, The Strongest will host Atlético Paranaense, while Caracas will visit Club Libertad.

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Paraguay football

August 28 8:49

Today, Thursday, Olympia plays with more than three points against Colon de Santa at Estadio Defensores del Chaco. Expresso Decano is committed to winning so as not to jeopardize its chances of qualifying for the Round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores 2022.

To face “Saballero”, DT Julio César Cáceres called up 23 footballers. The Emperor has almost all of his soldiers in the battle that he needs to win at any cost.

The big absentee from the list is undoubtedly experienced centre-back Antolin Alcaraz, who has been recovering from injury and missed several matches, being largely replaced by young defender Luis Zarate, who is going through a big moment. .

Young striker Diego Duarte is not available to the coach due to an injury. However, the player in question is not a fixture in the lull scheme, even scoring one match in the competition; He made his international debut on his last date against Peñarol, in Montevideo.

The rest of the boys are under the orders of “Emperor”, who would have decided to leave Derlis Gonzalez on the bench, and who reappeared in the domestic championship over the weekend after overcoming an injury. The “10” entered the second half and scored the winning goal for Olympia in Juan Leon Mallorquin.

Dean is last in Group G with one point behind Penarol and Colon who have 3 points, but Carbonero has played three matches previously. He is the only commander in the Cerro Porteno region, with 7 units.

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2022 Libertadores Cup

August 28 8:21

Nothing is easy in Libertadores and less so for a champion like Olympia. In two matches, he drew with Cerro Porteno and lost to Peñarol, so he had to beat Colon de Santa on Thursday to continue the chances of qualifying for the next round.

DT, Julio Cáceres, will not be able to count on Antolín Alcaraz, but he has Luis Zarate as his replacement, a defender who has secured the position due to his good work both domestically and in cup matches.

In addition, in principle, the “Emperor” would choose the duo of Jorge Recalde with Walter González, leaving Guillermo Paiva and Derlis González as substitutes, who could enter to disrupt the opponent’s defense.

One of the keys to the fencing will be controlling tension in midfield, with captain Richard Ortiz’s expertise and Hugo Quintana’s intelligence to filter passes. It should be noted that it will be the second home match for Expreso Decano, who made his debut in Group G with a goalless draw against Cerro Porteno at home.

For his part, Colon de Santa Fe arrives after beating Penarol and losing to Cerro Porteno, so the rest of the group are in a better position than Paraguay.

Sabalero DT, Julio César Falcioni, will try to emphasize the good pairing he has as a team and, above all, with strikers like Farías and Beltrán who can create anxiety in a weak defense if they do not have a good integration.

However, the Argentine national team highlights the absence of its greatest character, the injured “Bulga” Rodriguez.



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