Football - without any contract, Lionel Messi is the dream of the richest clubs in Europe

For the first time, Lionel Messi is free: FC Barcelona remains confident of extending the contract of its star, but as of Thursday, the six-time Ballon d’Or is no longer an employee of the Catalan club … and holds the hot ball planet.

This is the TV series of the summer transfer window: since signing his first contract to a piece of the towel on December 14, 2000, superstar Lionel Messi, who just celebrated his 34th birthday on June 24, has always been linked with Barcelona.

Even if Blaugrana president Joan Laporta plays appeasement Wednesday by releasing a brief “Tranquillo” to reporters, the future of the legendary Argentine No. 10 makes Blaugrana fans shiver with impatience… and makes people dream, in secret, about the very rich clubs of Europe.

According to the press, a contract offer was sent to Messi, who has not yet accepted … But the club is still confident. However, the match was not previously won.

Ten months ago, Lionel Messi expressed his desire to leave Catalonia by sending a “Borovax” that remained famous to manage the club. A letter that raised all alarms within the Catalan establishment, which led to the resignation of President Josep Maria Bartomeu, in October 2020.

The star didn’t give any hint

Since then, Messi, silent as usual, has not given any hint. “Pulga” (chip, in Spanish), only gave two interviews: one in December, the other at the end of the tournament, where he always said he didn’t. “Nothing has been reported yet.”

“It is very special to be the captain of the team I have played in all my life,” However, Messi confirmed the evening of crowning the King’s Cup 4-0 against Athletic Bilbao, the only trophy that Barcelona won this season, on April 17 in Seville.

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And Chip may not be expressing himself anytime soon, he’s too busy impressing South America during the Copa America he’s flying over with Argentina: top scorer with 3 goals, best assisting assist, and Argentina’s qualification to the quarter-finals . against Ecuador.

But there are many reasons for Barcelona to believe in it. First, because Messi personally came to cast his vote in the ballot box during the Catalan club’s presidential election last March, which is a great precedent.

The election of Laporta, with whom he has a good relationship, was a weight in the balance. Et depuis son retour aux commandes, le président n’a cessé de tout mettre en œuvre pour retenir sa star, malgré le contrat stratosphérique révélé le 1er février, qu’il a dû arranger dans le cadre des quires du finça bar the Red.

Above all, the sports framework is viable again, after 2020 to forget about it. Under the leadership of Ronald Koeman, Barcelona recruited compatriot and great friend Messi Sergio Aguero, a professional striker center with Memphis Depay, and raised Ansu Fati, Pedri and Ricky Puig, the youth of “Macia” (the prestigious Catalan coaching centre), to bring Barcelona back on top once again.

Two more years in Barcelona before ending his career in the United States?

Admittedly, there are still sporting disappointments: the disappointment of being slapped in the face by PSG in C1 (4-1, 1-1), the frustration of wasting his chances in the last race of La Liga…

But in the midst of all this, Messi, excited by the sense of success in rebuilding a competitive team, has another season in the stratosphere: he finished top scorer in La Liga (30 goals in 35 games), beat King Pele to become the all-time top scorer at the same club, and in March In March, he became the player who played the most matches in Barcelona, ​​in front of 767 matches for the legend of Blaugrana Xavi.

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According to the press, photos of Messi’s extension spread at the beginning of the week. His new contract will include a two-year extension at Barcelona, ​​followed by his departure to MLS, to Inter Miami, to end his playing career and continue to represent the Catalan club’s interests internationally.

Despite everything, the uncertainty continues to devour Catalan fans, worried about seeing their idol immortal. So, “se queda” or “se va”?


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