Amber Heard: The earnings of all your films are not enough to make up for Johnny Depp, how are you going to do that?

Amber Heard Perhaps not only did she lose her case against her ex-husband, Johnny Depphe will also have to pay a large sum in the millions of dollars, which is very difficult for him, because even without adding the salaries he gets for all his films, does it come to the figure of 10 million dollars.

It’s very difficult to come up with exact numbers for Heard in all of her films, but the estimate is, according to reports, between 2013 and 2019, she raised $10 million for her work as an actress and sponsorship of various brands that have used her as an image.

And if we add to that that he did not spend from all the income he had during that period, then he cannot pay it all and becomes bankrupt.

Amber Heard Can’t Pay Deb’s Debt

Taking into account the numbers covered in the reports, he heard He will not have sufficient solvency to pay what the judge had set at the beginning of June. Actress’s lawyer Eileen BridhoftShe revealed that her client could not bear what was asked of her: “No, not at all. She is broke.”

Hollywood Doesn’t seem like the right place for Amber Heardwhich was seen in New York Buying second-hand clothes, although these photos are skeptical, he is already considering his new strategy with an interesting agreement with an important publishing house to tell his story in first person.

Amber thinks her Hollywood career is over. She is already in talks and excited about the book. “At this point she has nothing to lose and wants to say everything,” a source close to the actress said.

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while a world Hollywood He seems to have turned his back on her, and Amber Heard is hoping for her next premiere,”Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘, I gave her a financial break by providing her with a large sum of money if the box office went as expected. In this case, the actress would have another door open in case the world of Mira, her character, expands.


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