Hermosillo, Sonora: The President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He trusted that Inflation increase It is temporary and guaranteed that Bank of Mexico Already taking action on this issue.

At his press conference, at the military air base facilities in this city, the president acknowledged that inflation is increasing, but “It’s an issue we’re already addressing.”.

“Inflation is the thing that affects us because of the problems in the world, the epidemic that has affected productive activities and There is more demand than the supply of products; This happens in the US, in Mexico, if you want to buy a device in the US, in Mexico, you have to wait, there is no production, chips are missing, you have to, although they look great, have to be queued to be able to buy Car, shipping has become more expensive because of this crisis and all of this heating economy Hence the inflation that we hope will be temporary and they are already taking action in the Mexican Bank, which is one of its functions, which is to control inflation in the case of our country,” the president said.

The Fed chair emphasized that even with increased inflation, state and municipal federal transfers would be higher than the inflationary increase.

He noted that in the 2022 budget, states and municipalities will receive “good news” because there will be increases in federal participation from 3 to 4% on average.

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