In 82 years in space, a record for American Wally Funk


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to me 82 the answer, and to panicJeff, the former American pilot, will become the oldest person to travel in space on July 20 during the first manned flight of space tourism company Jeff. Bezos.

to me 82 the answer, and to panic Fly into space with billionaire Jeff Bezos in the capsule blue Origin. In the sixties, to panic Participate in a special program for the first transmission Americans in the space. NASA didn’t want her as an astronaut. Her dream will finally come true on July 20.

missile blue Origin From the founder of Amazon will take off from a desert in Texas to leave the Earth’s atmosphere at an altitude of 100 kilometers. The capsule will float in zero gravity for a few minutes before descending to Earth, slowed down by three large parachutes and retrograde rockets. Jeff Bezos And the Wally panic He may not be the first space tourist. Billionaire Richard Branson He announced that he was going to fly on his Virgin rocket galaxy From 11 July. Wally panic However, an older person will still be traveling in space.

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