Batala de los Galos: These are the qualifiers for the 2021 International Final
Scone performs during the National Final Red Bull Batala de los Galos in Madrid, Spain on October 23, 2020 // Jacobo Medrano / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202010240025 // Use for editorial use only //

The battles rap music Little by little they are returning to normal, after being done behind closed doors for over a year due to pandemic. This Friday is a new national final for cock fight employment Spain With the audience at the WiZink Center in Madrid. The winner was Jazer after defeating Sweet Pine in the final. It must be remembered that Gazir just won the FMS International last month. “I can’t believe it, I can’t describe it. Now I’m wondering, why me? “, It was the first words of the 19-year-old Asturian Gabriel Sanchez, after he was crowned champion.

in this way There are already 11 secrets to the Grand International Final of the Red Bull Batala Championships, which will be held in Chile on December 11th. In total, there will be 16 MCs who will compete for the title.

As is known, Stick was the winner in Peru in September after defeating Letzen in the final. Another name that catches the eye is Colombian actress Maricia, who became the first woman to reach this international event by defeating Eron in the final.

As is known, the top three places in the Batala de los Galos International Final 2020 automatically qualify for this edition. This is how the Mexican Rapder, Aczino and Spanish Skone already have a guaranteed place.

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This is a list of classified ads known so far. The finals for the Dominican Republic (October 16), Argentina (October 29) and Ecuador (November 12) are yet to be decided. There are two pending quotas that are not yet known how they will be decided, although it is speculated that it could be done by public vote.

Rabder (Mexico)

Scone (Spain)

Aczino (Mexico)

Hummer (Uruguay)

Skipper (Mexico)

P8 (Costa Rica)

Basic (Chile)

Maricia (Colombia)

reverse (US)

stick (Peru)

Gazer (Spain)

former Spain

The waiting time is over. The best rules, the most surprising songs and a standing ovation from the crowd will once again design the WiZink Center in Madrid on Friday, October 8, at the National Final of Red Bull Batala. The final match begins at 1 pm Peruvian time.

After last year’s 2020 final with streaming prominence and marked by the absence of an in-person audience – though also memorable for the incredible VR stage never seen before – this year audiences are back to live louder than ever.

A long-awaited encounter that also coincides with the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the world’s largest impromptu rap competition, in a date that promises to be particularly memorable and watchable live around the world through the Red Bull TV app.

Igor, Botta, Ghazir, Force, Mario IV, McMin, Mister Igo, Mounts, Ryoto, Sarah Sokas, Sweet Pine and Tirpa were the top 12 patriots, having been selected by Khan, Irissey and Pieces after watching 60 fights in different qualifiers.

They are joined by the top two of 2020, Blon and Mnak, as well as BTA – who was ill last year – and Last Chance winner, Jesús LC.

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In total, there are 16 improv talents seeking Skone’s succession to the throne – the current champion will not struggle to reassert his title – and thus a place to fight alongside the best in the world in the international final.

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