bit |  Diablo 2: Revival, pure nostalgia, but at what cost?

Diablo II: Resurrection It’s a great installment full of visual and performance improvements, but above all, nostalgia. It can be a great opportunity for new players even though they may feel a bit confused by not knowing the context of the previous installment.

Mexico City, October 3 (however). – talk about Diablo Speaking of an entire generation that grew up alongside the game, from the first installment in the series and expansions, a generation until now counting the days until the game’s official release. Diablo IV (There are still many.) Diablo II: Resurrection is the remastered and improved version of the second installment that arrived more than 20 years ago in an attempt to fill this void that plagues all fans, however, despite it being a great game for its time, the biggest problem with playing it again Diablo II is that we are already playing Diablo III.

when starting Diablo II: Resurrection We can choose from the seven classes we have available: Amazon, whose main weapons will be the spear and bow, very versatile in combat and short and long range attacks; An assassin who specializes in martial arts and uses weapons and stealth as his main attributes; a necromancer, who uses black magic to summon inanimate beings to help him in combat; barbarian, who uses hand-to-hand combat and brute force as his greatest attribute; Paladin, a mixture of a warrior and a magician; A witch who uses magic based on the elements of fire, electricity and ice to perform attacks and finally a priest who uses magical and natural powers to transform into animals or use the natural resources at her fingertips.

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The game works and works perfectly on any platform. Photo: Diablo II: Resurrection

The truth is that in every possible aspect of the game, Blizzard has tried to keep the experience completely intact, from the available classes, the abilities they already possess, the way they interact in the game, the starting, the dialogues, the interface, the weapons and armor, etc. Most likely after the disastrous launch he experienced Warcraft III: Reforged In the past year, changes have been made to the core game and criticism has been made by fans and the press, for the occasion, endeavors have been made to keep the core of the game the same with improvements focused on the visual, audio and performance sections.

Through the four verbs or chapters that make up the main story of Diablo II We will pass and discover new routes and dungeons and know our goals, in a more faithful old school style, with no indications of where to go or help or brands that can facilitate the experience, something that may not be common today nowadays, one of the main reasons to come back to play This title is nostalgia. Sure, very few people who haven’t played the original title will be able to fully enjoy this experience, and in some cases it can be frustrating even if you don’t know what to do, the fact of reading the dialogues and paying attention to your surroundings to know where you are. It should go then. For each mission, it is something that is part of the core of the game and is maintained.

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Diablo II: The remastered and improved version of the second installment that arrived over 20 years ago has been revived. Photo: Diablo II: Resurrection

However, the fun is still impeccable after the first few hours of gameplay and as you become familiar with your story progress, you get new weapons and armor by defeating enemies or as part of the rewards; The fact that you improve your skills with points, learn new attacks (depending on your class) and improve your attributes. Since one of the essential parts of the game experience is the ability that each player must learn and improve to use their chosen class, although there are better classes than others, each has unique traits and characteristics that can change each player’s experience.

it will not be Diablo If we are not talking about the multiplayer mode, because in this case, the experience of meeting other people (we will have to do an online game for this) and facing dungeons and enemies together is still one of the main pillars, in addition, it provides the ability to play with up to 8 people, which makes the basic game experience more challenging and fun.

The fun remains flawless after the first few hours of playing. Photo: Diablo II: Resurrection

Finally, in the technical section, it is worth noting that the game works and works perfectly on any platform, whether on home consoles, PC or Nintendo Switch, although the game does not undergo such noticeable changes in terms of graphics and remains practically the same With improvements in textures, character templates, and special effects, the experience is very smooth and engaging, plus the fact that playing it on a Nintendo Switch in portable mode is something we haven’t imagined for up to 20 years, so having a franchise this big for the road is great.

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Diablo II: Resurrection It’s a great installment full of visual and performance improvements, but above all, nostalgia. It can be a great opportunity for new players, but it may lack some context from not knowing about the events of the previous version. Coming back to the universe that gave us one of the best perks and stories in recent years is a great experience, but, not in a bad way, it makes us turn to see Diablo III And notice how much this franchise has changed and improved (for the better) and we can just wait for the fourth installment to arrive to take a new leap in generations.


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