Brenda climbs the kennel fence and moves in with Linda: the friendship is rewarded by the couple’s adoption

Some bonds cannot be destroyed even by a wall separating. The bond between Brenda and Linda is definitive proof of that.

also dog How humans form deep bondsNot only with humans but also with each other. There are many reasons that allow dogs to create inseparable relationships with their own kind, but among the most common is the fact that they spend a lot of time together, sharing moments, experiences, games and adventures.

The faster the dogs get to know each other and bond with each other, the more flexible their bond will be over time.

The story of Brenda and Linda. The Unbreakable Bond (

These relationships will become loyal siblings, especially when the dogs live in the same environment, allowing them to develop a sense of family and belonging. That’s what happened to Two dogs, Brenda and Linda. Their story melts your heart and makes you believe in love and in the existence of loyal bonds that transcend everything.

The story of dogs Brenda and Linda

Brenda and Linda They are two dogs who entered a kennel together. Creating an already inextricable relationship with the ex. They became inseparable, but this detail may not have been carefully noticed by the owners of the shelter in which they were hosted. In fact, the two dogs were separated and placed in close but different crates.

But what happened in the following days melted everyone’s hearts. From the shelter’s cameras, video of the two dogs looking for each other has surfaced across the net, aware of their closeness, but having trouble separating.

It is interesting to note that dogs often tend to seek out each other, and in times of difficulty they manage to be very much sympathetic To support each other, even in times of difficulty and even in illness.

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The story of Brenda and Linda. The Unbreakable Bond (

The dog Brenda, who was seized by an irrepressible desire to join her friend, Apparently managed to jump the wall who separated her from Linda, simply by jumping in and reaching for her. A one and a half meter wall is not easy for a dog of this size to overcome, yet it was not enough to keep them apart, and no obstacle could separate them, which is irrefutable evidence.

His gesture caught everyone’s attention, to the point where it became a viral story on the web. The dogs, after the fact of what happened, were never separated again, not even at the time of adoption. Brenda and Linda were actually adopted together, In the serenity of finally being able to live a happy life side by side.

The story of the two little dogs is proof of that Some bonds can last foreverbeyond any obstacle. Furthermore, it is important to remember that dogs are animals that establish social hierarchies, and as such, the way they interact with each other can affect their relationship.

A story affects any person just as much as the story of one person The little girl who came to the kennel to adopt a puppy surprised everyone with an unexpected request.


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