Cameron Diaz Returns From Retirement In Action Comedy On Netflix

Four years ago she officially announced her Hollywood exit, and now comes the surprise comeback out of nowhere: Cameron Diaz is back!

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It’s been a full eight years since we did this Cameron Diaz The last like of the movie. Dubbed “Annie,” it was released in 2014 and was apparently the last film project in the former Hollywood giant’s impressive career. Four years later, Diaz officially announced her retirement and went on to work as an investor and publisher of organic wine and an author. You can purchase her book The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, The Biology of Strength, and the Privileg of Time on Amazon.

Now, however, came the sudden turn of events: Cameron Diaz is going to make another movie! Jamie Foxx, who starred with her in “Annie,” announced the news via Twitter. While he’s there, Fox revealed he’s working with Diaz on a new movie on Netflix, while also posting a conversation he had with Diaz, soccer star Tom Brady, whom he consulted upon returning from multiple announced retirement, and Cameron Diaz with her. Resignation Resignation may give tips:

Other stars who retired somewhat secretly:

Here’s what we know about the Netflix movie Back in Action

The title of Cameron Diaz’s first movie in nearly a decade couldn’t be more apt: “Back in business” It is the name of the work, about which, unfortunately, not much concrete information is known. Diaz and Jamie Foxx will star in the film, with Fox serving as executive producer. It’s not really alien to Netflix, as evidenced by Netflix titles like Project Power and Dad Stop Embarrasing Me! And the upcoming vampire comedy Day Shift.

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“Back in Action” is said to be an action comedy, and both genres have Cameron Diaz gain a lot of experience in, at least thanks to the “Charlie’s Angels” movies. Seth Gordon (Kill the Boss) is directing, and has also co-wrote the script for the upcoming Netflix title with Brendan O’Brien (“Bad Neighbors”). Just like the plot, it is still unclear when “Back in Action” will begin with the streaming service. According to Jamie Foxx, filming should begin towards the end of the year, so we can expect it to release in the fall or winter of 2023. So we need a little patience before we can finally see Cameron Diaz in action again.

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