“It is something we cannot forget”: Pascal Obispo was distinguished by an overwhelming meeting ...

Pascal Obispo Returns with a new album titled France. The singer-songwriter was a guest c you persistence October 28, 2021. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine questioned him at length about a crucial episode in his career: his encounter with France Gall. Unfortunately, they were never able to cooperate together.

In 1997, Pascal Obispo was 32 years old, and he won with him Lucy And it was France Gal that he played a song he wrote for her for the first time the keyPresenter begins. You face the white piano and listen to France Gall three fine songs written by yourself: Its purpose is to sing And the key, Which will be explained by Patricia Cass. What is France Gall’s reaction? “asks the host star of France 5.

She said a sentence that I have never and will never forget: “He is Michel, but he is not Michel.”Answered the 56-year-old musician, whom France Gall compared to Michel Berger. Pascal Obispo said it all felt the same “a lot of satisfaction” at this moment.

“The composer’s job is to put yourself in the place of identity, style and that was a real compliment…”, he added. Although the head of labels, Luigi Calabrese, would like to see the two artists collaborate, France Gall will never perform for any of these titles.

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