Isola dei Famosi, a press release arrived unexpectedly and left everyone breathless as he is a happy pregnancy.

The untouchables They are heading towards End who are they road in Honduras And everyone who’s been on the island from the start is really exhausted.

Island of the Famous-Altranotizia (Source: Google)

A copy of Famous Island who – which ilary plassi led to here in Excellent method It also gives a lot of moments funny to the public. Luxoria and Savino were by his side and the trio was much appreciated. Announcing Pregnancy He suddenly arrived and raised the morale of the outcasts. Do you know who he is?

The Famous, Sweet and Unexpected Island of Revelation

a Really unexpected ad That changed the dynamics of this Famous Island Now near the end. The good news rival protagonist is one of the most talked about characters in this edition. But he’s also one of the favorites to win.

However, in these hours, the protagonist was the disease Which forced him to Leave the main island to undergo medical examinations. Fans are worried and wondered on the Internet whether he will be able to appear in the final or if he will have to leave the famous island. But if on the one hand the fans were worried, then on the other they rejoiced with him for the upcoming wonderful news. what is he talking about?

This is what the news is about

The The outcast of the famous island of Nicholas Vaporidis. Actor received a great surprise He spoke and saw his mother and sister. Her sister Elenia has now shown herself at the end of her pregnancy and excited her brother.

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she and the Mother they have incite The forsaken To complete the trip with a smile and wait for this last period. He revealed the wonderful surprise he received to his colleagues on the reality show, saying:I became an uncle, he was born in August, he is a boy and will be called Vittorio. I couldn’t see my sister and be with her on her first pregnancy.” He continued: I left her with bacon and now she has a huge belly“. Best wishes to Elenia carrying the adorable Untouchable sister and we await the arrival of little Vittorio. We congratulate Nicholas Vaporidis on his path so far and look forward to seeing him in the final for the final challenge of the tournament.

Famous Vaporidis Island - Semi-Am-Tranutesia
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