Capcom Pro Tour 2022 details announced as Offline Premier events return after two years

3 ways to qualify for Capcom Cup 9 this time

The Capcom Pro Tour has been the biggest professional fighting game circuit for nearly a decade, but events have only moved online without Capcom Cups for the past two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, that is about to change, as official details and timeline for . have been released Capcom Pro Tour 2022 With confirmation that the events of the Offline Premier are officially back.

This year’s CPT presentation is set to consist of 3 columns between the Online and Offline Premiers and the new World Warrior program.

There are currently 19 regional online tournaments scheduled for 2022 where winners automatically qualify for Capcom Cup 9 as well as a $5,000 prize pool awarded to the top 4 contestants in each event.

With the return of an offline mode and the introduction of World Warriors, each region will only receive 1 Online Premier.

For Personal Specials, winners will also qualify for a place in the Capcom Cup. There are no specific events announced to be included in the offline premiere at the moment, but we will likely see long-running events like CEO, Combo Breaker, and Evo again.

The new World Warrior appears to work a bit similar to the old CPT ranking points system where players earn points by participating in local online or offline events that are officially linked to the tour.

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With 48 players arriving in Capcom Cup 9, there will be 29 locations available between the offline Premier League and Global Warriors although more information about them will be revealed in the near future.

Street Fighter’s potential final CPT season 5 is scheduled to begin on April 30 with North America West online with this portion of the tour running through early December.

More information about the Capcom Pro Tour 2022 and its current schedule can be found at CPT . site.


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