Ukraine and Iraq, Kamala Harris upset after bilateral talks –

From our correspondent
Munich – Kamala Harris was angry when she left Munich the day before yesterday. The Vice President also participated in the security conference this year. No accidents in public places. but Behind the scenes, things did not go as planned. Harris held two secret meetings. One with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky; The other is with Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani. According to rumors he collected courier, The two dyads performed worse than the other. Zelensky was very adamant: You must unblock the $60 billion aid package stalled in Congress. Kamala Harris listed all the efforts made by the administration, but without appeasing the Ukrainian leader.

What is most infuriating for the Vice President is the appointment with Al-Sudani. Harris, we read in the memo issued by the White House, “He He urged the Iraqi government to prevent attacks against American soldiers». Since October 7, Iranian-backed Shiite militias active in Iraq have launched 165 drone and missile attacks on US military sites. Washington responded by striking the bases of these formations in both Iraq and Syria. This is a step that angered the Sudanese. The Iraqi Prime Minister directed all his anger at the US Vice President because of the “unacceptable violation of regional sovereignty.”. The Baghdad government has already reduced its cooperation with US forces and forces of other countries in the anti-ISIS mission. Al-Sudani told Harris that he could now end counter-terrorism operations. The face-to-face confrontation will end sooner than expected. Kamala would have warned Biden immediately: More trouble to come.

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