Car without a license: do you need insurance?

Cars without a license (VSP) has been very popular among young professionals for several years. This method of transportation is practical and safe, accessible from the age of 14. While sales have now doubled, one of the factors responsible for this boom is none other than the current epidemiological situation. Out of vigilance and prevention, more and more French people are choosing individual mobility solutions. If in this case the license is optional, is the insurance optional too?

The car without a license, how and for whom?

Presented as a Light engine quad bike, the vehicle without a license or wagon, characterized as a four-wheeled vehicle with an enclosed passenger compartment, accommodating two persons, including the driver. To avoid any excessive speed, its maximum power is 6 kW and does not exceed 45 km / h. However, if it is not necessary to have a license to ride a buggy, you still need to get an AM license if you were born after January 1, 1988. Equivalent to a BSR (Road Safety Certificate), the AM is issued by a driving school or destination Accredited after an 8-hour training course to be followed over a minimum of two days. To obtain the certificate, you must be at least 14 years old, hold an ASSR1, ASSR2 or ASR according to your academic background, follow a practical training and complete a county registration file. Before an AM license is issued, a Practice Monitor Certificate allows you to drive a buggy for 4 months. The validity of the AM permit is limited to 15 years.

No license but rules Yes!

Not having a license doesn’t mean you don’t have rules to follow. You must remain vigilant and enforce all traffic regulations. In addition, the cart remains a mode of transportation like any other, and therefore necessarily requires a gray card to be recognized. Additionally, if the license plate is optional at the front, it must compulsorily appear in the rear of the VPS vehicle. As for the registration procedures, they are the same as for a conventional vehicle. Finally, like other motorists, owners of cars without a license have to sign up for car insuranceEspecially for their type of car. While cart premiums are generally less expensive than a traditional car, it depends on your contract, as well as on your insurance company. We estimate the average cost Back-to-back lock From VSP to 600/700 EUR per year. The warranties included in your contract must be determined according to your needs, however, your shopping cart must be insured with a civil liability guarantee. In fact, the driver must be insured at least on his own and the responsibility of others. Despite the limited speed, VSPs can be a source of accidents and cause serious physical damage and/or bodily injury to others. Thus, this guarantee makes it possible to compensate victims of claims from third parties. Finally, unlike a driver with a classic license, the rickshaw driver cannot take advantage of the bonus system, in other words the coefficient of reduction and increase.

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