Rockstar has announced that Jobs will soon be removed from the game

Since the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online in October 2013, Rockstar Games has continued to add content to the online multiplayer portion of GTA V. But it’s clear that the American publisher wants to start improving its way to use the space occupied by GTA Online.

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Rockstar Games just published an article about Rockstar Newswire About starting a new event in GTA Online. This event consists of the arrival of new Survival maps in the Grand Theft Auto V game service. But that is not the only thing that attracts attention in this article. In fact, at the end of the text, the editor gives a reveal that risks making even the most diligent GTA Online gamers talk:

From this event, we will begin removing individual functions to make room for future updates. Over time, these functions will come and go in a periodic fashion as we continue to add content to the game.

room for what?

This announcement means that the first missions to be removed from Grand Theft Auto Online may return at a later date on a temporary basis when other functions are removed from the game.

GTA Online (and GTA 5) is clearly the goose that lays the golden eggs for Rockstar Games, and it is clear that the American gauntlet will continue to operate and maintain the games service. Keeping players’ attention is even more important since it seems that GTA 6 has not been planned for several years and maintaining a high level of profitability for GTA Online is a priority.

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As a reminder, recent serious rumors claim that GTA 6 will also be accompanied by Grand Theft Auto Online and that two game service iterations can be linked. But while waiting for the release of GTA 6, Rockstar should initially focus on preparing and releasing the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions | S from GTA V / Online, which is still scheduled for next November.

Do you think Rockstar is right to clean up the jobs offered in GTA Online? Do you feel that some players use it more than others? Are you still playing GTA Online? We answered in the comments below.


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