Compulsory quarantine: Here are the countries that request it from those coming from Italy

Rome, May 14, 2021 – May 15, 2021 It is an important history of a scientist tourism And not only: nothing more Stone The fight against Covid for the arrivals Italy from the European Union, Great Britain and Israel. In fact, it would be sufficient to show a negative report of a swab taken in the past 48 hours, a certificate of vaccination (doses or a single Johnson & Johnson dose) or a cure of Covid, without the following five days. Isolation is followed by another molecular or antigenic test.

But if traveling in Covid timing becomes easier, it will not be the case everywhere. The situation is constantly evolving, and before you travel it is important to refer to Farnesina Safe travel, That’s from Ministry of Health And that fromEuropean Union Reopen / it. Monitoring these sites is also useful to see if we have to isolate you upon your return to Italy. For example, in some countries, isolation is not compulsory upon arrival, but upon return to Italy.


They require ten days QuarantineAustria (But the rules may change soon), me Netherlands, Belgium. To recognize any changes, you should monitor.Traffic lightsFrom the European Union (

In fact, each country is assigned a color (red, orange, green) and the measures applied to travel are based on the color code assigned to each country based on the evolution of the Covid-19 case, so they can also be changed every week. There is, too Denmark A “traffic light” system has been adopted and it requires those coming from an orange region like Italy these days to take a negative Covid-19 test within 48 hours before the start of the direct flight to Denmark or arrival by land in the country, which must be followed by another rapid test upon arrival. And a 10-day self-isolation period, which can be reduced to 5/6 days, by undergoing another molecular PCR test at least four days after arriving in a state. To stay in the north, the Norway Unnecessary travel is not recommended Finland Until May 25, seven days of isolation is recommended Sweden.

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There are four formalities required for the traveler to enter the country: Submit the negative result for the COVID-19 test taken in the three days prior to the day of departure; Fill out an online form with address and phone; 10-day precautionary isolation that can be reduced to 5 with a further test on the fifth day; Conducting two tests for COVID-19 on the second and eighth days of self-isolation in the country.

at Romania Those who do must go through a period of isolation 14 daysWhich can be reduced to 10 if the traveler does not show any symptoms and undergoes a negative test on the eighth day of entry.

at Slovakia, For all who enter the country, it is necessary to present the negative result of the molecular test for Covid-19 that was performed no later than 72 hours before entry and to undergo, in any case, home isolation from 14 days. Home isolation is also required while showing a negative result for the Covid-19 molecular test.

Isolation at home can end before the expected 14 days after taking a negative test result no later than the eighth day after entering the country. Those who have been vaccinated or contracted the virus and have recovered can avoid “quarantine”. at Poland As of March 30, 2021, the commitment to quarantine 10 days For those arriving by any means of transportation (including on foot) from other Schengen countries, unless they show a negative smear (PCR or antigen), it is performed no later than 48 hours before entering the country and written in English or Polish.

Upon arrival at the airport, Japanese authorities, in addition to witnessing a PCR test taken abroad within 72 hours of the flight’s departure, will immediately perform a saliva test. The procedure includes waiting for the test result at the airport (approximately 3 hours). Then they are expected Three days “Strict” quarantine (in the hotel room without going out), then on the third day, an additional test will be carried out, and in the event of a negative result, people will be able to get to the place where they are, without using public transport. She chose to end the credit self-isolation period for 14 days.

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A pre-approved health emergency Morocco, West, sunset Provides for the closure of borders; Suspension, until further notice, of all maritime communications to / from the Kingdom and nearly all passenger air connections, including those with Italy. In particular, direct flights to / from Italy have been suspended for the time being until June 10, 2021, and travelers (Italian citizens or foreigners residing in Italy) from Italy will not be allowed to enter Morocco, not even if they arrive in the Kingdom through airports in third countries.

at Saudi Arabia Entry is banned for citizens from 20 countries, including Italy, despite the Saudi authorities announcing the resumption of international flights from May 17, 2021. International passengers authorized to enter must comply with the recently updated precautionary measures on May 10, 2021 which will come into effect as of May 17, 2021. May 20, 2021, that is, a negative PCR test certificate that was performed in the 72 hours before boarding the plane, and the compulsory quarantine for a period of seven days from entering the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the unvaccinated.

at Sultanate of Oman Authorities have ordered the land borders of the Sultanate to be closed indefinitely and until new rulings are issued. International air links are still operational. As of April 8, 2021, only Omani citizens and foreigners who already hold a valid visa are allowed to enter the Sultanate.

Until new provisions enter into Canada Only Canadian citizens and permanent residents, as well as their close family members (common-law spouse or partner; minor children; parents) are permitted.

Access to United States of America For travelers who have, during the past 14 days, been in a Schengen area country (including Italy), but there are exceptions for some types of visas (US citizens, permanent residents, and diplomats), therefore Viaggiare can be consulted Sicure websites and Ministry of Health websites

at China Entry is prohibited for tourism, but visas are only requested for urgent and urgent reasons from the Chinese embassy and consulate in Italy (Milan and Florence). Then once in China, Quarantine for 14 days. at Australia An extension of the international border closure has been arranged until June 17, 2021, not only for travelers and permanent residents, but also for Australian citizens.
There is a very strict commitment Quarantine for 14 days In facilities designated by local authorities (usually hotels) for a limited number of persons who are granted exemption, and who are authorized on a case-by-case basis. Fulfilling the quarantine is mandatory even if the vaccination is done and closely monitored by the police and health authorities, on a daily basis and without exception.

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Government the moldive Islands It reopened the country’s borders from July 15, 2020, but until further notice, also due to the significant increase in Covid-19 cases present in Mention And in many atolls in the archipelago, some restrictions still exist in the area.Great Mali (On the Malé, Hulholm, and Vlingley Islands), where a curfew applies from 10 PM to 4.30 AM. Since these provisions may vary with little or no notice, it is always suggested to monitor the situation on the Viaggiare Sicuri website and on the corporate websites in the Maldives.
Entry procedures for foreigners (for reasons tourismRemains in effect before borders close for the spread of Covid-19 (mandatory entry visa). However, the Maldivian authorities have ordered that, as of December 20, 2020, it is also necessary to submit a PCR test with a negative result to enter the country. For those who intend to stay in Shelter, The PCR test must be performed within 96 hours of departure from the airport of first boarding. If you decide to stay in guest house, PCR test is expected within 72 hours prior to departure. All travelers must obtain a confirmed hotel reservation throughout their stay in the country. You can refer to the website for updates Italian embassy in Colombo.

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