From 9pm yesterday, raids were carried out by police and gender forces across the country. We take this first evening into account.

From the south to the north, through the islands, police were mobilized to enforce the curfew order. A full report should be reported during the day. Overall, in Naomi, the curfew introduced last night is respectable, says Jean-Marie Caviar, regional director of the National Police. He was with his teams at the Berthelot Roundabout in teams Mia.

We kept the restrictions from 9pm, there were some irregularities, some verbal abuse. The police are encouraged in this task. There are no vehicles on the public road. We need to constantly multiply checks at different times. Carry out formal word-of-mouth for people who have no sense of justice.

Jean-Marie Caviar, Regional Director of the National Police

He added:

“On the first night of the curfew order we are satisfied. We must not rest. We must continue and be and know.”

These tests will continue for the next few nights. As a reminder, the curfew is in effect from 9pm to 5am. Any offender will be fined 15,000 francs, up from 179,000 francs and 447,000 francs if convicted again.

Interview with Loreleï Aubrey

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