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Tuesday update. Hillary continues to lose energy and is now a tropical depression with its epicenter located at coordinates 38.3N 117.9W, or already in the territory of Nevada, about sixty kilometers from the California border. Here, heavy rain is still expected for the next 24 hours, which also includes Utah through the early hours of Wednesday. Meanwhile, the rains in California have stopped, however The situation remains critical in some mountainous areas of the Sierra Nevadawhere waterlogged soil risks causing major landslides, as happened in Cathedral City, near Palm Springs. Here, more than 80mm of water that fell in known arid areas caused a major landslide that inundated a nursing home in the night between Sunday and Monday, with the water and mud level rising to 1.5 metres. All passengers were rescued by rescuers. Several roads were closed, including Interstate 10, but reopened in the final hours of Monday.

Monday evening 30,000 people were without electricity Because of the bad weather caused by Hillary. Fortunately, no deaths were reported in California, but one victim occurred on Sunday in Mexico, in the state of Baja California, where Hillary was hit by hurricane force and winds of up to 130 km / h.

Meanwhile, the state of California was also affected 5.1 magnitude earthquake With the epicenter northwest of Los Angeles, without causing major damage.

Monday update. In the early hours of last night here in Italy, Late yesterday afternoon in California storm Hillary It fell with unprecedented ferocity in at least 10 counties in the state. Heavy rains and flash floods were feared, and so it was, from Los Angeles to San Diego to San Bernardino and Riverside, it’s all a cascade of floods, landslides, and floods. Region especially Dry and almost devoid of vegetation Important only high in the mountains answered onHuge amount of rain in the only possible way, Melting and washing towards the valleys with rivers of mud. Hillary is the first tropical storm to hit California in 84 years. the Governor Gavin Christopher Newsom I have announced national emergency She called on people not to leave the house.

aerial photo of Los Angeles City With the entire playground area underwater.

A terrifying night for any traveler, rivers of mud flooded highways and highways interruption at several points Communication ways

Downtown Los Angeles has become a navigable river

Against a very low average for the month of August, a few rains fell, 2-3 mm at most, from about 50 to 70 mm. Mid year rains.

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