Discover an Easter egg on Xbox 20 years after console launch!  |  Xbox One

While Microsoft just released a dynamic theme in honor of the first Xbox on the Xbox Series X and S, an Easter egg was discovered hidden for 20 years on Microsoft’s first console!

A tribute to the developers of the first Xbox Dashboard

It is an anonymous developer who worked on the first Xbox who decided to sell the fuse by reporting Kotaku Trick to discover this hidden wink by the developers at the heart of the dashboard of the first Xbox. The developer revealed how to access this well-kept secret which brings up a new credit screen.

I decided to share this now, as it’s been 20 years, and I thought it’d be cool for people to know that it really is. I know a lot of sites like to track this stuff and everyone on this list is no longer with Microsoft. I also thought that if I didn’t do it now, it would likely never happen. It had been so long that I couldn’t even remember the trick! I had to plug in an Xbox and try several things to be sure.

This hidden credit screen honors the developers who worked on the first Xbox console: Victor Blanco, Sakvung Chanpai, Bradford Christian, and Jim Helm. The process is similar to the “Easter egg” process which consists of shredding an album by calling it “Eggsβox,” which also displays a credit screen.

How to Play Xbox Easter Egg Using Developer Credit Screen

  • Go to Xbox Settings
  • Go to System Information
  • Go to “music”
  • Insert an audio CD
  • From the Audio CD screen, choose “Copy”, then “Copy” again, then “New Audio Clip”
  • Remove the default audio track title and change it to (without quotes) “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”. It’s a matter of putting the letter y 26 times, that is, filling in all the fields and replacing the last one with an exclamation point.
  • Wait for the disc to burn
  • Once the extraction is complete, go back to the main menu
  • Select “Settings”, then “System Information”
  • A new screen should now appear in the Member Developer List Xbox Dashboard Team.
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Seamus Blackley, one of the founders of the Xbox Project, had determined a few years ago that another Easter egg associated with the start of the first Xbox had yet to be discovered. In all likelihood, it will not be the green animation that we see done in real time rather than a video. So the puzzle remains unsolved for now while some Xbox players are still trying to unravel this mystery.


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