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The world’s largest video game conference will return in 2023! When and where will E3 2023 be held?

For many years now standinge 3, the largest video game convention in the world! It takes place every year around June in Los Angeles, for about a week. This is an opportunity for many game publishers to present their upcoming updates through various conferences.

Unfortunately, since 2020, the event no longer occurs in physics. It was even canceled that year due to Covid! In 2023, he will return to Los Angeles, at the Convention Center. The show will be held as usual The second week of June !

E3 returns to Los Angeles in 2023

The information was officially presented on Twitter: E3 will return to physics in 2023in the famous convention centerLos Angeles ! A new running partner for the show has been announced, Ho redpop. If you don’t know them, they are the company behind big events like New York Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration.

E3 2023 returns in partnership with ReedPop

Regarding the dates, they are not exactly determined at the moment, but we know the period: the event will happen 2nd week of June 2023.

Currently, No more information has been given. Participating exhibitors, conferences, and publishers will be announced later in the year, but there Great chances of returning top publishers In this living room, like a Nintendo, Ubisoft or Square Enix.

Information about hotels in the area, as well as travel guides to make the most of the experience there, will also be provided. For more details, an official press release has been published (source).

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