French guest Bleu Picardie, along with François Ruffin and co-host Picardie Debout, returned from Somme, France’s Insommise, to visit Emmanuel Macron at Amiens this Monday morning: “Santa Claus is on the campaign trail: I think he’s coming to give you a small gift five months before the presidential election. So, it is obvious that we are getting a presidential-candidate“, Selected Picard details.

France Blue Picardy: In your opinion, did Emmanuel Macron do enough for Amiens for Picardy during his five-year tenure?

François Ruffin, Sub Picardie Debout de la Somme: He usually came to Amiens, he came to the Whirlpool site three times: three times he lied to the workers, three times it was a mess. I don’t know if he would like to do more. We take whatever we can for the territory. But for me, Whirlpool said during the 2017 presidential campaign that his engagement to Amiens would not endorse the pacification plan. Finally, the facility was approved, which was also canceled, but without consequences since the layoff was invalid. But you have it, so I especially see President Macron in the light of the Macron candidate who came to Amiens to focus on the Whirlpool issue.

France Blue Picardy: But what more could he have done for you? To the Amiens and its territory?

Francois Ruffin : So it did not make me young, but I do remember the arrival of Jack Chirac in 1996. And when Chirac came to Amiens, there was a crowd. The streets were amused. When it comes to Emmanuel Macron Amiens, it’s a huge vacuum. There were a few demonstrations here and there but not much. It is a kind of mineral isolation where things take place behind closed doors, with highly organized communication programs. As you say about the Amiens, I find it saying something that does not exist, but it is its birthplace: it must be Chirac power 10. What strikes me is this kind of loneliness. Not much happens, so we try to arrange an anchor in a shallow and artificial area.

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France Blue Picardy: You will be on the sidelines of this visit. As you announced on your Twitter account this Sunday evening, Emmanuel Macron will welcome former Whirlpool employees. It was not planned. Do you know a little more what that is going to say?

Francois Ruffin : It will take an industrial catastrophe with three consecutive stages. The old site now has no whirlpool staff. But it is necessary to emphasize very strongly, but when he came two years ago, he said: “I will be back in a year at most“.There, it will take place behind closed doors [la rencontre, initialement prévue en préfecture a finalement été délocalisée dans un café, ndlr], I.e. files that embarrass Emmanuel Macron. It is handled in a small group, that is. Ex-employees will unpack their bags and express their frustration. I’m especially thinking about union representatives, they feel inferior and self – managed.

France Blue Picardy: Are they going to ask for something definite?

Francois Ruffin : I doubt it. You know, there’s a big fatigue when you do three consecutive layoffs, and three times when buyers are three, you are told. This time it was perfect and three times you were fired, you were broken from an experience like this.

France Blue Picardy: Another delegation trying to meet Emmanuel Macron this time. They are midwives of the Victor Pachet Clinic. They have been on strike for a month. The maternity ward has been closed since Thursday evening. Again, is it really worthwhile to try to challenge Emmanuel Macron directly?

Francois Ruffin: I think the President’s ear should do everything to make people listen. In Picardy, Abeyville Hospital is partly on strike, as is Amiens, Greel or Senlis. It is usually overflowing in caregivers. Why? This is central to the Pauchet Clinic file: they feel they are doing their job poorly. Mothers who have given birth are left alone for hours because of a caesarean section. So, they are in pain that they are doing their job badly. I think everything has to be done to challenge these restless sense officers who are in the hospital today, i.e. there are a series of resignations, i.e. we do not know if the services will be provided by default. . Usually this winter and probably not, there is someone from Compiègne Hospital who needs emergency treatment in intensive care. The nurse had to call 21 services in Hauts-de-France to find a place in the emergency resurrection. I have to tell you how the hospital is under water today. Also, I’m sorry Emmanuel Macron did not go to Amiens Hospital, Abeyville Hospital, Greel Hospital or Senlis Hospital to say he was in the front row.

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France Blue Picardy: Will you be with the midwives this morning?

Francois Ruffin: I am by their side. I am with the observers who went to the Elysee Palace to give a letter to the President a month ago, who did not respond when asked if they had a decent income and normal working hours. I try to push people’s voices to catch a piece in the ear of power.


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