Etienne (David Bruce) will be back, after 30 years of

Jean-Luc Azoulay knows how to please lovers’ Love secrets After the reinstatement of Cathy Andreu, in 2015, and then Manuela Lopez, in 2018, he prepares for the return of another major actor from Helen and the Boys’ early years. David Bro And so he will find the role of Etienne, 30 years after he left the world of AB products. It is the actor himself who confirmed the news by posting a picture of him, surrounded by his old comrades who have been found, which was clearly captured in the set of episodes that will mark his return. He appears there alongside Patrick Bodebat, Cathy Andreu, Isabel Boyes, Laley Minnian and Philip Vasore. ” Thank you Jean-Luc Azoulay for this Back to the Future (referring to the editor’s note of Back to the Future) He indicated in the comment, accompanied by the hashtag “Never Say.”

As a reminder, Etienne was part of the soundtrack for “Hélène et les garçons”, but he only appeared in 67 episodes, after which he left his girlfriend, Cathy, for another woman he had followed in Finland. In “Mysteries of Love”, he will return from Finland, where he began his career as an international model, before becoming a famous psychologist “whose practice is based on painting”. A fate slightly inspired by the fate of David Proux, who also set out to model after leaving the series in 1992. In addition to numerous shows, he has taken part in several advertising campaigns, for Azzaro, Nivea or again La Redoute. In 2004, he returned to the group to appear in Edouard Baer “Lies, Betrayals, and More Connections”. The similarity between the character and his artist also extends to the privacy side, as the actor married his on-screen partner, Cathy Andreu, with whom he has two children, Alice and Mathis. Note that Etienne’s return could upset spouses Jose and Cathy, who are already going through a difficult period at the moment. It is expected to debut next May, near the end of the 25th season, which is currently aired every weekend on TMC.

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